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New version of ISO 22000

19th September 2019

Withdrawal of OHSAS 18001:2007

19th September 2019



Quay Audit UK Ltd provides their services to many overseas countries from regional centres. We are always seeking more local partners to help us to further expand the ever-increasing network.

    • For Europe, USA and Scandinavia please contact our Head Office in Shrewsbury.

    • For Italy & South East Europe please contact our office in Agropoli.
    • For Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka please contact our office in Karachi.

    • For India and Nepal please contact our office in Delhi.

    • For Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova please contact either of the addresses given - see Romania.

    • For United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman please contact our office in the UAE.

    • For Iraq please contact our agent in Erbil.
    • For Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain contact our agent in Dammam.

    • For South East Asia please contact our office in Serpong-Tangerang, Indonesia.


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