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Year 2015/2016 Revision of standards

Year 2015/2016 Revision of standards

Standards are prepared by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). Initial consultation is developed into a plan of change or adoption which culminates with the member countries adopting the new or revised standards. This is not necessarily at the same time globally but in practice it usually is. Formal adoption results in the standard being numbered according to the country in question, so the 9001 standard (quality management) will be referred to as NEN, DIN, BS, or EN etc depending upon the adopting country’s standard form of reference.

Currently the ISO is reviewing the content of a significant number of management system standards with a view to aligning the clauses and introducing new requirements. Aligning clauses will provide clarity as “common elements” will be similarly numbered. New requirements are yet to be formally confirmed.

As a Certification Body, Quay’s responsibility is to audit against the standards adopted.

To date, we have seen only a draft copy of what will be BS EN ISO 9001:2015, and this standard, along with other management standards, will be released for formal adoption from September 2015 onward.

In past years, differences between the draft copies and the standards adopted have had no practical impact but we, like all other Certification Bodies, are wary of issuing guidance too soon. From the date of formal adoption a period of change-over is allowed during which companies holding registrations will be able to make any changes necessary to their system in order to comply with any “new” demands. This is usually two or three years – time enough. Companies developing systems and procedures for first-time registration should be aware that after the date of formal adoption, only the latest versions will be recognised and so should already be discussing the potential changes with their consultants.

Quay’s audit process will be changed from September 2015 to measure system compliance against the newly adopted standards such that failure to comply with the new demands will result in the generation of a formal notice of non-compliance (NC). It will be between Quay and the client to agree the magnitude of the NC and the time allowed for its clearance.

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