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The Standards

Formal management standards are based on best practice. They have been years in the making, evolving into today’s clearly defined texts to help a business achieve its aims.

Business managers know the value of good management but many are put-off by the wording of the standards produced. This is mainly because the standards are written in such a way as to be applicable to all business types and, in general, definitive statements are not present. This is not a criticism but a fact.

All have the same logical foundation…plan, do, check, act.

The development, implementation and registration of a tailored system – one for a specific business – need not involve sweeping changes and should never involve procedures that are not easy to understand and bring REAL benefit. If they don’t then you have the wrong system!

There are many standards that describe all aspects of good business management; quality, environment and health and safety, to name a few. Some aspects of business management are so sensitive (especially those where safety is involved) that registration can only be awarded by a few certifiers – Notified Bodies. If you have any doubt about your scope, please contact us.

For information on individual standards, follow the links below or call:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality
  • ISO 14001 - Environment
  • ISO 45001 - Occupational Health and Safety
  • ISO 22000 - Hygiene (Food Safety)
  • ISO 20000 - IT service
  • ISO 27000/1 - Data security
  • ISO 20700 - Management System Consultancy
  • GDP TS1001 - Data Protection
  • ISO/IEC 24762 - IT Disaster Recovery
  • ISO 50001 - Energy Management
  • ISO 22301 - Business Continuity
  • ISO 10002 - Customer Service

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